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Art and Culture

Seit 2012 / Bielefeld

Förderung des Chores der Universität Bielefeld

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Corinna Bergmann



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Förderung des Chores der Universität Bielefeld

Music connects people across many national borders. Music is universal. It appeals to our senses - and everyone vibrates with the rhythm.

The young choir director, Dorothea Boedeker-Schenk, has been leading the University Choir in Bielefeld since 2006 - after the retirement of Prof. Dr. Huemmeke.

She succeeds in introducing students to music, who often have no experience with music.. They are students from completely different faculties. Approximately 90 members of the Chair which one has to experience live is a true treat, after all “music is good for the soul.”

Among others, the requiems of Mozart and Verdi, Bruckner's Te Deum, Mendelssohn's Lobgesang, Handel's Messiah and the Christmas Oratorio of Johann Sebastian Bach have already been heard.

When we called the University's Department of Art/Music on the short official line and told them that we would like to support the University Choir, we were met with silence at the other end of the telephone line - speechless astonishment. Mrs. Dorothea Schenk also reacted – she was also speechless an over joyed.

Normally the choir follows the sponsors - with us it was the complete opposite. The Choir truly radiates the joy of life, music flows in our veins, positive and uniting our community.

We are happy to be able to support the choir and the conductor regularly in new productions and to be able to enjoy music in top form every year.