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Art and Culture

Seit 2018 / Bielefeld und Paderborn

Cultural journeyman/cultural companion

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Eva-Maria Mohn

Jasmin Stens



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Cultural journeyman/cultural companion

Photography, fashion, writing, music and more are what fascinates young people. Many would like to know what it is like and what it takes to write a captivating story. What tools and materials do you need to create a sculpture and how do you produce ingenious sounds à la David Guetta?

The project Kulturgeselle/ Kulturgesellin under the direction of the Paderborn creatures Manfred Webel and Jan Bargfrede takes care of these curious teenagers and young adults and introduces them to the world of creative work.

Young adults aged 15 - 21 can apply via selfie video to work with one of the 13 artists, each of whom is responsible for a different field.

The artists who share their knowledge in their respective fields couldn't be more different. Also the age range of 26-62 years gives hope for a lot.

In Paderborn, where the project made its first stop in 2018, 35 adolescents were able to live their lives highly motivated and diligently in the production of fascinating video films, paintings, sculptures, graffiti and clothes. In Bielefeld  were 31 who were able to demonstrate their creative skills in sculpture, illustration, photography and fashion design, as poetry slammers or DJs.

From day 1 to day 14 of completion, the participants work intensively, disciplined and motivated with the artists on their journeyman's piece.

The grand finale, the closing event, was attended by 80 people in the McMedia in Paderborn on Königsplatz and around 100 people in the Alte Bogefabrik in Bielefeld. The journeymen and women presented their photographs and sculptures, read from their stories, showed their self-created fashion pieces and illustrations, expressed feelings through poetry slam, received great recognition for all their efforts and finished pieces.

These results are not a snapshot, but a basic guide for many who are looking for training or study in crafts or creativity.

The aim of the project is to accompany young adults on their creative journey and to create a marketable product or service from the foundation they have.