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Art and Culture

2013, 2015, 2018 / Bielefeld

Concerts at the Mamre-Patmos-School

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Eva-Maria Mohn / Mathias Schweizer



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Concerts at the Mamre-Patmos-School

The Mamre-Patmos-Schule is a special needs school run by the von Bodelschwinghschen Stiftungen Bethel, in which about 230 pupils with special needs in the areas of mental development and physical and motor development study together. As it is often not possible for these pupils to attend a public concert due to their disability, the Andreas Mohn Foundation made it possible for the concert to take place at a place familiar to the children, the school. Following the motto:

"If the children are unable to come to the concert, the concert comes to the children."

With this motto, the cheerful children and young people and of course the musicians, the evening could only be a complete success.

Together with Mr. Draeger, donation consultant at the von Bodelschwinghschen Stiftungen Bethel, the headmaster Mr. Thies and the deputy headmaster Mr. Bunte, the Andreas Mohn Foundation had planned the event about half a year prior.

In September 2013, the Madsen band launched the concert series with songs like "wo es beginnt" (where it begins) or "lass es raus" (let it go), bringing German pop and rock music to the children and young people. In the preparation for the event, the children had already studied the lyrics of the band in detail and were able to sing along to all the songs.

Before each concert there was a meet and greet with the musicians, where questions could be asked. The whole meeting did not have the atmosphere of an interview, but of a nice chat. Both musicians and pupils had no fear of getting in touch with each other and therefore the anticipation for the concert planned for the evening increased.

Glorious successors in 2015 were the Donots, who transformed the school into a real concert hall. More than that: Students had the opportunity to be on stage with the band and rock with them! In 2018 the time had finally come again. The nationwide known brass band Moop Mama came to Bielefeld to heat up the Mamre-Patmos-School. 

For all participants, no matter if pupils, teachers, parents and siblings, carers or initiators, these evenings were not only musically a great enrichment.