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Health and Social Welfare

Seit 2016 / Bielefeld

Smoothies for the PIA Summer Festival

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Pascal Brinkmann

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Smoothies for the PIA Summer Festival

PIA means project of intercultural work. But the children and youth club in Bielefeld-Sennestadt means much more for most of the kids and teenagers.

From a warm meal after school, an open ear from the director Christiane Hollenberg-Schüttler and her helpers or simply a meeting point for playing, the children and young people have a place where they are always welcome.

Since 2016, the Andreas Mohn Foundation has been providing delicious smoothies for the annual summer party of the children and youth club.

The smoothies are not only a cool refreshment in the summer heat, the jumping on the bouncy castle, the goal shooting and acrobatics performances, but also healthy. The fruit cocktails are intended to give children an understanding of the aspects of healthy nutrition and its diversity. The variety of colours of the smoothies arouses the curiosity of the children every year and therefore the team of the foundation is delighted to be part of the festival.