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Guidelines on Sponsorship of Projects

1. Mission of the Foundation

The mission of the Andreas-Mohn-Foundation is the support of people in need, the promotion and sponsorship of science and research, religion, the arts and culture, education, sport, the protection of the environment, the assistance of youths and elderly people, support of people with disabilities, the welfare of prisoners and former prisoners as well as health and general public welfare issues.

Within these principles the Andreas-Mohn-Foundation is free to choose which projects to support. There is no legal process to repeal the decision of the foundation.

2. How to file an application

The Andreas-Mohn-Foundation will consider any written application, which is submitted as a data file. Attachments or addendums may be submitted in paper, if so agreed with the executive management. The application should include the following information:

  1. Summary
    The application should be preceded by a summary of the project.
  2. Project description
    What exactly is the object and content of the project? Has any preparatory work already taken place, does the applicant/do the applicants have any previous experience or are there other existing projects that can be referred to?
  3. The aim of the project and the measurability of success
    What are the aims of the project? How can the achievement of these goals be measured? How can the project be continued, when the support of the Andreas-Mohn-Foundation ends? In what way would the target group actually benefit from the suggested project?
  4. Outline of budget and financing plan including a time frame Which costs does the applicant/do the applicants expect to incur at what time in the future and with which resources do they expect to pay for these expenses, including potential financial support through other sponsors? Into which individual items can these overall costs be broken down?
  5. Appropriation
    Any money allotted to the project must be used only for this project and in accordance with the application. Applications must include an assurance that any funds granted by the Andreas-Mohn-Foundation will be earmarked for this particular project and that the applicant(s) are aware that any misuse of the funds may lead to them being claimed back by the sponsor.
  6. Details of the project manager in charge and/or the institution behind the project
    Who is the project manager in charge, i.e. including name, profession, position/function, address, telephone and fax, email address? Which institution (name, registered office, founding year, aims and objectives, basic funding, website) is behind the application?

3. Public relations

The Andreas-Mohn-Foundation would like to raise public awareness of its activities.

The recipients of support by the foundation are therefore encouraged to use every opportunity to publicise their projects in the press, radio, television or other media and also point out the support by the foundation. Copies of newspaper articles, radio- or television reports etc. should be submitted to the Andreas-Mohn-Foundation immediately after they have been published. The recipients must consent to the publication of the application, any interim reports and the final report by the Andreas-Mohn-Foundation.


4. Obligation to report on completing the project

To verify the correct application of funds for purely charitable purposes and to have documentation thereof the Andreas-Mohn-Foundation requires a financial account and a report regarding the content of the project.

  1. Financial report
    The correct application of funds must be accounted for in a financial report at the end of the project or within three months of its conclusion at the latest. The account should include a detailed list of income and expenditure. The receipts and other documentation are to be retained carefully. The Andreas-Mohn-Foundation reserves the right to audit the financial account by checking the receipts, accounts and any other documentation either itself or through a trustee authorised to do so. If individually agreed, it is possible to submit proof of correct allocation of funds through an auditing firm. The bills, receipts and other documentation cannot be destroyed until after the legally required retention period.
  2. Project report (with regard to content)
    At the conclusion of a project or within three months thereafter the recipients are required to submit a summary report to the Andreas-Mohn-Foundation about the project and whether the aims were actually achieved. If the project spans several years, the recipients are required to submit an annual interim report. At the request of the Andreas-Mohn-Foundation the recipient is required to inform the foundation of the current status of the project at any given time. In addition the recipient must inform the foundation of any new developments that may affect the project in a substantial way.

5. Right of Rescission

The Andreas-Mohn-Foundation reserves the right of rescission of the grant and reclaim of any funds already authorised, if the conditions of granting the fund are not sufficiently observed, especially, if the funds are not allocated correctly according to the application or are not claimed at least partially within a year of receiving approval of the application.

Bielefeld, 19th July 2011

Signed: Andreas Mohn