September 2013 / Bielefeld

Boys love Marilyn

Human images at the Westkampschule

It was the youngest participants who had the most fun at the fourth and last opening of an exhibition during our trial period of Art Goes To School! The faces of the pupils from the after school club at the Westkampschule, a special needs school for deaf children and those with hearing-impairments and learning difficulties, clearly showed the fun they had during their performances on stage. Their presentations clearly inspired both the younger and the older members of the audience.
The idea behind the project is that the children do not have to visit a museum, because the art comes to their school. Nevertheless, it is also part of the concept, that the children’s curiosity and interest in art is aroused, so Christiane Heuwinkel invited the pupils of the Westkampschule to visit the Kunsthalle Bielefeld (the Art Museum in Bielefeld). One by one the paintings that Ms Heuwinkel briefly explained were revealed. The older pupils took some of the younger ones by the hand and together they peeled the protective foil off the paintings, which showed a wide range of human images: Spring by Guiseppe Arcimboldo, La Sieste by Paul Gaugin, The Kiss by Gustav Klimt and Child’s Head in the Hands of her Mother by Käthe Kollwitz. Some girls immediately took the painting Girl with a Doll by Jean Étienne Liotard to their hearts and many boys declared Marylin (on blue ground) by Andy Warhol their favourite!

Project management
Gudrun Donicht
since September 2013
In Cooperation with
Christiane Heuwinkel, Kunsthalle Bielfeld
Anne Bredenbals, Headmistress