October 2013 / Gütersloh

Feelings in Colour

Workshop for acrylic painting at the wertkreis Gutersloh

The courses and workshops at the Art Studio Kiebitzhof are always popular. Usually there are only a few places on offer, but the wertkreis Gutersloh employs approx. 1500 people. Eight of them were lucky enough to get a place on the course tutored by the artist and gallery owner Evelyn Ocón. The financial support of the Andreas-Mohn-Foundation made this course possible. It consists of ten weekly sessions of two hours each.
We went to visit one of the early sessions of the course and brought back wonderful impressions.
Although it is only the second session the participants know exactly what to do to prepare their respective workplaces: they put on a work coat, cover the tables with plastic sheeting, get paste, acrylic paint and other utensils out of the shelves. Then they take the canvasses from the previous session out of the drying rack. And immediately they pick up where they left off the last time. They apply the next colour and work it into the picture.
Over a period of three months the budding artists learn how to work with acrylic paint and paste. A picture can evolve in various ways. For instance, by holding the canvas at an angle or turning it the paint can simply run in any direction the artists direct it. Or the acrylic paint can be dabbed with a cloth or a brush; spraying it with water can create the impression of airiness particularly with intense colours.
Most of the participants have no previous experience of working with acrylic paint. So Evelyn Ocón conducts the course in a very sensitive way which allows her to respond to individual needs and questions of the participants. “The wonderful thing about working with acrylic paint is that it is possible to reach presentable results at a very early stage”, says Evelyn Ocón, who is tutoring such a course for the fourth time already at the wertkreis Gutersloh. The theme of this course is “feelings”, which is something that can be reflected particularly well in abstract pictures.

Art as a medium of personal expression and communication has a central place in the work of the Andreas-Mohn-Foundation. Supporting such a course financially is therefore something that fits in well with the range of projects at the foundation and was gladly granted.
We are already looking forward to visiting the course again in December to see how the participants and their skills have developed!

Project management
Christina Rouvray, LL.M.
October to December 2013
Barbara Ambrosy, wertkreis Gütersloh