June 2011 / unterschiedlichste Städte Deutschlands

So near and yet so far

Round-the-world-trips through living rooms

How many different nations live in your home town?

On the one hand there are people who come from a foreign country, who are very hospitable, proud and happy, when they can talk about their home country. They know exactly what life is like in their home country – i.e. what typical foods there are, which festivals are celebrated, which traditional dress is worn and which typical music can be associated with their country of origin.

On the other hand there are people who are interested in other cultures and want to gain insight into cultures they know little or nothing about.

By joining the round-the-world-trips through living rooms it is possible to gain first-hand information in just two hours – despite only a short journey by car, bus, bike or even a short walk to reach the destination. Perhaps Togo or Brazil are located just opposite in your neighbour’s house.

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