April 2013 / Bielefeld

Second Special Award

The online-counselling service of the Mädchenhauses Bielefeld - keeping up with the times

Our special award of 2013 went to the intercultural online-counselling service of the Mädchenhaus Bielefeld.
The ceremony was opened by the benefactor of the foundation, Andreas Mohn, who feels very strongly about supporting people in need in our society, especially children and young people.
Ilse Buddemeier, director of the equal opportunities commission of the City of Bielefeld, gave a short welcoming speech in which she underlined the importance of the institution for the city as well as the region. Many girls seeking help have been able to find new courage with the support of the counselling by the Mädchenhaus employees.
The laudator, Oliver Beerhenke, who is better known as a comedian and television presenter, but who has also been a great supporter of the work of the Mädchenhaus Bielefeld in the past, appealed strongly to the audience. He spoke from the heart of every member of the audience when he pleaded for sensible spending of public funds for the support of weaker members of our society.
Hans-Peter Bergner travelled all the way from Bergisch-Gladbach especially to participate in the award ceremony. He is the managing director of the foundation Stiftung Deutsche Jugendmarke SDJM and head of the division “Youth and Education” at the Ministry of Families, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. The foundation Stiftung Deutsche Jugendmarke was instrumental in initiating the online-counselling service which was a nationwide pilot project. He was very pleased that the good work can now be continued.
The executive manager of the Mädchenhaus, Birgit Hoffmann, and her colleague Mürüvet Yesilgöz presented the work and the concept of the intercultural online-counselling service. Birgit Hoffmann puts her heart and soul into her work for the Mädchenhaus. She was extremely pleased and grateful for the award and it was plain for everyone to see: her joy was mainly for the girls who can now benefit from the support of the counsellors.
And when finally three girls took the stage to read anonymised texts in lieu of the original authors, it was possible to get an emotional sense of the true importance of their work.
The musical accompaniment of the event came from the Trio Estate!.

We hope that the indispensable work of the Mädchenhaus will become better known and – more importantly – will acquire further supporters! Because it is multicultural and mega-effective – the online-counselling service is the missing link!

Project management
Gudrun Donicht
April 2013
Mädchenhaus Bielefeld
Birgit Hoffmann, Executive Manager

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