July 2011 / Münster

The Handle

First Special Award of the Andreas-Mohn-Foundation

The first Special Award of the Andreas Mohn-Foundation goes to the editorial staff of the journal Klinke (handle). The award is intended as a special mark of recognition and distinction of the outstanding literary achievement of the editorial staff and also to highlight the work of the Psychosocial Centre in Münster.

The Journal Klinke, which first appeared in 1977, is one of the oldest journals, in which mentally handicapped people have their own say. The journal captivates its readers with its literary density. The prose texts and poems show enormous sensitivity and authenticity. The respective covers of the journal editions, the drawings and collages round off the work of art.
Once a year there is a public reading known as ghost lights.

The prize is awarded in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Helmut Koch, professor emeritus and Director of the Research Centre for Literature and Psychiatry at the University of Münster. The foundation has been in close contact and intellectual exchange with Prof. Koch for several years.

The Prize was awarded on Thursday, 28th July 2011 in the Grand Pavilion of the Mövenpick Hotel, Kardinal-von-Galen-Ring 65, 48149 Münster.

For further information and the current edition please go here.

Project management
Eva‑Maria Mohn
July 2011
Michael Winkelkötter
Redaktionsgruppe der Klinke im PSZ, Geiststraße 37, 48151 Münster