April 2013 / Bielefeld

Painting Competition „Luftikus“

Crayons to the ready, get set - go!

The European Commission has declared the year 2013 to be the Year of Air Events.
The Andreas-Mohn-Foundation chose this as the motto for its painting competition Luftikus, to which all the children in year two at primary schools in Bielefeld were invited to participate in the spring of 2013. The idea was that the theme “Air – the Foundation of Life” should be used to sensitise the little artists to the element air and teach them how important it is for life on earth.
More than 100 children from five primary schools in Bielefeld joined in the competition and let their imagination go wild. Many pictures and collages were painted that showed how much love and imagination went into the process.

The creativity and hard work of the children was rewarded:
Not only will the entire classes of the respective winning submissions receive a little donation for their kitty, but they will also be given a voucher to participate in one of the workshops “In the Ocean of the Air” at the Natural History Museum in Bielefeld. The little artists will have the opportunity to do surprising experiments with and concerning air and can use some of their already acquired knowledge.
As a little surprise for the actual winners of the competition the foundation has chosen books by the Swedish author Astrid Lindgren. And which stories would be more appropriate to the Luftikus-theme than those about Karlsson, who lives on a roof and has a little motor on his back with which he can fly through the air?!

Many thanks to the little artists as well as parents, teachers and other staff who all helped us support the European Year of Air Events!


Project management
Nebile Alter‑Morali
Time frame
April - November 2013