October 2011 / Münster

Competing for the title

2. Deutsche Kopfrechenmeisterschaft für Kinder und Jugendliche

The Andreas-Mohn-Foundation supported the 2nd German Mental Calculation Championship for children and teenagers which took place from 28th October to the 1st November 2011 in Münster.

Children from all over Germany who are enthusiastic about mathematics met at the youth hostel by the Aa-lake in Münster. In two different age groups – 10–13 year olds and 14–17 year olds – the youngsters competed for the championship title.
The Andreas-Mohn-Foundation supported the project to give highly gifted children the opportunity to come together, to compare views and experiences and just spend time together in a protected atmosphere. Life in our society is often difficult for highly gifted children. Their unusual ability is often met with a lack of understanding. The children often experience exclusion, find school work too easy and not challenging and generally do not “fit in”.

As the future elite of our society these children need special attention and support. Being together with like-minded people and having the chance to share their experiences is very exceptional for them.
At the same time we aim to encourage acceptance of the competence of mental calculation as a fundamental cultural technique in our society and further promote it.
In 2011 the championship was hosted by the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Münster (WWU) and took place in cooperation with the International Research Centre for Exceptionally Gifted Students (ICBF – Internationales Centrum für Begabtenförderung).

Apart from the championship itself there were workshops on various tricks in mental calculation, which were held by champions of calculation from England, the Netherlands and Germany. There were also interesting events including a tour of the university, a dinner at the Mövenpick Hotel and a night walk to round off the supporting programme of the championship.

The championship was organised and under the academic direction of the eightfold world champion Dr. Dr. Gert Mittring, his assistant, Martina Lange-Blank and Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Käpnick form the Institute for the Didactics of Mathematics and Information Technology from the WWU. Friedhelm Käpnick was also in charge of the academic monitoring of the championship.

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Project management
Eva‑Maria Mohn, Andreas Mohn
Oktober 2011
Dr. Dr. Gert Mittring
Martina Lange-Blank