January 2013 / Gütersloh

Taking matters into your own hands

Bernd Seelemeyer accompanies young people on their way to independence

Supporting young grown-ups on their way from school to professional life; youngsters and their families who incur more difficulties than others, because they have to deal with problems based on their background as immigrants or financial difficulties – this is the challenge that Bernd Seelemeyer has taken on. He used to work for the Initiative for Employment of the Bertelsmann Foundation where he was jointly responsible for developing the concept “Successful in Professional Training” for pupils of secondary schools in OWL (Eastern Westphalia). Mr Seelemeyer currently still coaches young people in their transition from school to professional life in Steinhagen.

The Team of the Andreas-Mohn-Foundation is impressed by so much dedication and commitment and is happy to support the voluntary coach in his project.

since January 2013
Bernd Seelemeyer