September 2013 / Bielefeld

MADSEN rock Bethel

„… leave the music on!!“

This request is not only the title of one of the most successful singles of the band Madsen, but also expresses the collective feeling of the enthusiastic audience in the Mamre-Patmos-School, which went home after a unique concert on the 27th September 2013, accompanied by the dream, that this evening would never end.
The Mamre-Patmos-School is a special needs school run by the v. Bodelschwinghschen Stiftungen Bethel, in which approximately 230 pupils with special needs in the area of mental and physical development learn together.

Because of their disability it is not easily possible for the children to go to a public rock concert, so the Andreas-Mohn-Foundation enabled the concert to come to them to a place that they are well acquainted with: their school. True to the motto …

If the children cannot go to the concert, the concert will come to the children.

Together with Mr Draeger, Fundraiser at the v. Bodelschwinghschen Stiftungen Bethel, the headmaster Mr Thies, the deputy headmaster Mr Bunte, the Andreas-Mohn-Foundation began the planning procedure for the event approx. half a year before the date. During the first meetings it quickly became clear, that the school had very specific ideas:

We do not want ballads or quiet music, we want to rock!

And that is exactly what happened … Right at the top of the list of wishes the pupils of the Mamre-Patmos-School had Madsen, a German pop-rock band, whose last four albums were all in the top ten album charts and who normally play before ten thousands of fans at festivals.

At exactly 19.00 h the waiting was finally over. With the first chord the audience was electrified and after the first song none of the pupils, teachers, parents and assistants were on their seats anymore, but were partying in front of the stage only centimeters away from their idols. And the performance turned out to be exactly what it was supposed to be: a real rock concert! Neither the band nor the audience kept their emotions in check, but partied together to the deafening riffs and catchy lyrics.

… pupils, teachers, parents, benefactor, the members of the foundation team and the band enjoyed an unforgettable evening, had fun and perhaps the day to day worries retreated into the background just for a little while …


The video about the Madsen concert


Antenne Bethel radio feature of 10/01/2013

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September 2013
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