April 2012 / Münster

The Numerical Prodigy

Easter Workshop for extremely gifted children, 10th – 15th April 2012 in Münster

The second German Mental Calculation Championship for children and teenagers in Münster was such fun for all the people involved that a follow-up was essential!
The workshop for children and teenagers from 10 – 17 years of age took place in the week after Easter (10th – 15th April 2012) at the Youth Hostel in Münster. The workshop was called The Numerical Prodigy.
Brains are to be switched on and pocket calculators off!
Approximately 30 children and teenagers were able to participate, 15 in each age group, 13 – 17 and 10 – 12 years.
The workshop was intended as preparation for the following German Championships and/ or World Championship in Mental Calculation took place in the autumn of 2012 in Münster.
The established team around the eightfold world champion in mental calculation, Dr. Dr. Mittring and Mrs Martina Lange-Blank, the champion calculator Wilhelm Boumann from the Netherlands and other maths-masterminds provided challenging workshops and tasks. In a playful way they taught unusual approaches to solving mathematical problems. There was plenty of food for hungry brains of young maths-aces.
Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Käpnick from the Institute for the Didactics of Mathematics and Information Technology of the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Münster carried out an academic monitoring of the championship.
It was especially important to us, to provide a pleasant and respectful atmosphere for all the participants. We previously experienced this liberated and happy attitude towards life of the highly gifted children and their parents at the Second German World Championship in Mental Calculation.
There was also an exciting and varied framework programme – e.g. a visit to the zoo, a tour of the Picasso-Museum, cinema-, roulette- and poker game evenings.
For the first time there was also an opportunity for parents of the highly gifted children to participate in a forum for discussion and counselling and simply talk about their experiences as parents of highly gifted children. 

Project management
Eva‑Maria Mohn
April 2012
Dr. Dr. Gert Mittring
Martina Lange-Blank