September 2011 / Gütersloh


“Therapeutic Riding” for Children with Psychological or Physical Handicaps

In 1993 the association Hippokrene e.V., Community of Interest for Therapeutic Riding in OWL (registered association), was founded and accredited as a non-profit association.

The association only employs qualified pedagogues and therapists with the additional license of the German Curatorship for Therapeutic Riding. The Curatorship granted an award to the society Hippokrene as an especially qualified establishment for curative educational vaulting. Therapy sessions with the specifically trained therapy horses stimulate the children and youngsters physically and mentally.

The association depends greatly on external donations and support. Although the positive effects of the Hippo-therapy for handicapped or otherwise disadvantaged children is widely acknowledged, the cost of the therapy is generally not paid for by public health insurance. Apart from the few parents who have sufficient funds of their own for therapeutic riding sessions for their children, there are many more families who cannot afford to pay for the sessions. The Andreas-Mohn-Foundation enables children to enjoy the benefits of this excellent therapy.

since 2011
Project Manager
Heinz Kwasny
Franziska Delius, Hippokrene