November 2011 / Holzminden

Everything under one roof

New social network for Holzminden and the surrounding area

The association Pro soziale – Alles unter einem Dach e.V. (Pro social – Everything under one roof, registered association) supports people with various problems like psychological illnesses, personal crises or job-related difficulties. This social network under the chairmanship of Annette Köhling and the management of Martina Leonhardt has formulated the following as the key aspects of activities of the network: closer cooperation and networking amongst the institutions, organisations and agencies involved under one roof, psychological counselling and social pedagogical support, initiation and support of self-help groups as well as coaching for job applications and probationary work periods.

As a so called clearing centre the society offers a number of support services: together with the person seeking help they establish the problem areas and then help initiate the necessary measures to tackle the problems and identify new perspectives. The focus of the combined services is to reconstitute, stabilise or improve the health, job-related skills and the quality of life of the people seeking help.

The society was founded on the 8th of February 2011. On the 18th October 2011 the society was accepted as a member of the Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband Niedersachsen e.V. (a charity in Lower Saxony).

The Andreas-Mohn-Foundation supports the work of this society.

November 2011
Project Manager
Iris Kortmann
Martina Leonhardt, PRO soziale e.V.