August 2011 / Bielefeld


Special training for foster parents of traumatised children

The Trauma-Workshop is a project initiated by the Andreas-Mohn-Foundation. The aim is to develop practical assistance for traumatised children in care and the families they grow up in.

Love and a feeling of security are seldom sufficient to set in motion the self-healing process necessary to overcome traumatic experiences. A parenting training and a “tool kit” for children provide practical guidance. It helps turn “trapped energy” into the release of tension. Thanks to the newly regained strength and the improved self-awareness the children are able to find back to a healthy, self-determined life.

In cooperation with the child protection agency, pedagogues and persons in the medical profession we are developing a modularity which will be made available to all people affected or interested through educational institutions and youth welfare services.

August 2011
Project Manager
Rita Topsiek