July 2011 / Bielefeld

Starting the new football season with the favourite number

Donation of football shirts to the Vfl Oldentrup in Bielefeld

On the 22nd of July 2011 the children and youngsters of the junior division of the traditional football club Vfl Oldentrup finally held the new football shirts for the upcoming season in their hands. Beforehand they all had to write down a choice of three numbers, so that they could all – as far as possible – start the season with their favoured number on the back of their respective shirts. With the support of the Andreas-Mohn-Foundation the Club was able to buy 80 new football shirts for children aged 4 to 14. It is the aim of the voluntary coach of the junior division Christian Tiemeyer to enable all the children to advance their skills and participate in the game, and not just encourage the outstanding players. Because before all other things football ought to be fun!

July 2011
Project Manager
Besim Rudaj
Christian Tiemeyer
Vfl Oldentrup e.V.
Krähenwinkel 4
33719 Bielefeld