March 2013 / Ostwestfalen-Lippe

Creative Youngsters

Supporting the Ravensberger Inventors' Workshop

In the year 2012 one of the founding members of the Ravensberger Erfinderwerkstatt (the Ravensberger Inventors’ Workshop) first came across the Andreas-Mohn-Foundation. The Inventors’ Workshop is a non-profit association which encourages and supports children and youngsters of all ages and academic levels to participate in science events, research projects and competitions in the MINT-field.
Anton Schönenberg, one of the young members of the Inventors’ Workshop, came up with the idea to develop an autopilot for wheelchairs so that people who use them are more independent of assistance. In order to be able to do this, Anton needed a high-performance computer which was able to analyse the camera pictures more efficiently. The Andreas-Mohn-Foundation bought such a laptop and donated it to the Ravensberger Inventors’ Workshop. The new laptop not only helped Anton complete his project successfully, but was also used in the development of other projects.
Anton Schönenberg went on to win the following prizes and awards with his autopilot for wheelchairs:
- First place at the NanoLine-Contest
- Invitation of “PhoenixContact” to present this project at the HannoverMesse
- First place at the regional level of Schüler Experimentieren (a science competition for school children)
- Second place at the state level (North Rhine-Westphalia) of Schüler Experimentieren


Travelling Allowance for the Participation at the “Science Festival” in Slubice, Poland
In order to introduce children and youngsters to the areas of technology and natural sciences, you need dedicated grown-ups – be they parents, teachers or other qualified people, who explain things and experiment together with children. The society “Science on Stage Germany” aims to support exactly such people by offering a nationwide platform for a European exchange amongst teaching personnel, who want to improve the quality of lessons in natural sciences and technology and thereby increase the number of graduates in this field. The non-profit society develops and organises European conferences, further training for teachers and workshops and thereby builds up a network of teachers throughout Europe.
The last event took place in the shape of an education festival themed “Crossing borders in Science Teaching” from the 25th to 28th of April 2013 in Slubice (Poland) and Frankfurt (Oder). Mr Kirsten Biedermann, who is not only a founding member of the Ravensberger Inventors’ Workshop, but also a teacher, was invited to present one of his projects at this festival. His pupils Shahbaz Starke, Fabian Hilpert and Marisa Görgen, all from the region of Eastern Westphalia, helped him to do so. The four of them presented their project “SozialGenial – Spielspaß mit Senioren“. The Andreas-Mohn-Foundation supported the participation of the members of the Inventors’ Workshop by granting a travelling allowance.
Their project “Sozial Genial – Spielspaß mit Senioren” won several prizes and awards:
- Third place in the regional comepetition Jugend Forscht
- Winner of the national event Science on Stage
- Invitation from “TectoYou” to present the project at the HannoverMesse
- Second place Einstein OWL 2013
We also congratulate the youngsters on these awards!

When the youngsters presented some of their projects and inventions we were very impressed by their creativity and their skill, but also far-sightedness of their ideas. We wish the members of the Ravensberger Inventors’ Workshop lots of fun and success with their future activities and that they may receive many more awards!

Project management
Eva‑Maria Mohn
since March 2013
Kirsten Biedermann,
Ravensberger Erfinderwerkstatt