Stifter Andreas Mohn

Andreas Mohn

Andreas Mohn was born on the 19th of April 1968 in Gütersloh. After completing his A-levels he studied law and economics in Osnabrück and Münster. While he was studying he was involved in the international student organisation AEGEE and chaired a group dealing with environmental issues. In 1992 he received the third prize of the Environmental Award of the City of Münster for his environmental project.

For several years he lived as an artist with the group “artwork”. He worked as a writer of fiction as well as non-fiction, humanist and acted as a broker at the stock exchange.

The environment and art are particularly close to his heart: in 2011 he planted a field of poppies and cornflowers as a living work of art.

Andreas Mohn has two children. He got married for the second time in 2012.

His publications include amongst others:
„Texte zum Thema Frieden“ (Frankfurt am Main 1998)/ (Texts on the Topic of Peace), „Oliven und Wein bei Kerzenschein“ (Aachen, 2000)/ (Olives and Wine by Candlelight), „Kurzskript zur Arbeitsmarktpolitik“ (Aachen, 2001)/ (A Short Script on Labour Market Policies), „Heute leben für ein Morgen“ (Aachen, Verlag 2004)/ (Live Today for a Tomorrow), „artwork, gesammelte Werke 1997 – 2005, Volume 1 (edition das künstlerbuch, 2005)/ (artwork, collected works 1997 – 2005, vol. 1), „Der Blick auf eine kooperative Daseinswelt“ (Engelsbach, Frankfurt am Main 2002)/ (A View on the Cooperative World of Being).

The Foundation is an expression of the dedication and social responsibility that Andreas Mohn wishes to assume in society. In acting as the benefactor of a foundation Andreas Mohn is carrying on a family tradition.