The Andreas-Mohn-Foundation was founded on 9th June 2011 with its registered office in Bielefeld.

There are many worthwhile projects where there is only one jigsaw piece missing – help in matters of organisation, connections or a financial impulse to set the project on its own feet independent of further outside help. A little initial assistance often leads to great things.

The Andreas-Mohn-Foundation’s contribution to projects consists of initial funding without which the projects would not get off the ground. The aim is to help people to help themselves.

The objective of our team is to provide support for socially disadvantaged people in our society, no matter why they are in need of help. However, the support we offer is not necessarily short-term financial assistance. We want to restore and respect the dignity of every individual person as best we can. We want to promote a feeling of self-worth and improve the situation of every individual. We want to encourage individuals to realize their own value and what they can contribute to society. Our aim is to contribute to the creation of a community with a life worth living including all aspects of diversity in modern civil society.

We enjoy our work and we feel that spending time with the people we support also enriches our lives.

We hope you enjoy reading the following pages about some of our projects.

The Board of Directors


Yearbook 2013

Jahrbuch - Andreas Mohn Stiftung