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Education an Science

Seit 2011 / Bielefeld

Mental arithmetic world championship for children and teenagers

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Diana Krüger

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Mental arithmetic world championship for children and teenagers

Since the beginning of the Andreas Mohn Foundation, the topic of promoting gifted students has played a major role in our project work. The Junior Mental Calculation World-Championship, the Mental arithmetic world championship for children and teenagers aged 8 - 17, has emerged as a focal point of our foundation's work.

Together with Ms. Caroline Merkel, Vice World Champion in Creative Thinking, and her organisation team, we invite interested participants to Germany every year to compete for the World Champion title in various age categories.

But you don't feel like you're in a competition. Rather, you feel like you are at a big family reunion, with a big and familiar hello!

The majority of the participants have already taken part in the competition several times and when they meet again with the familiar faces all competitive thinking vanishes.

In the youth hostel the participants and their relatives stay, eat, play and talk with the other participants.

This family reunion of international nature is growing from year to year. Starting with about 30 participants, 75 registered participants from all over the world could already be registered in 2019. Countries such as Greece, Peru, China, South Africa, the Netherlands, Singapore, the Czech Republic, Germany, India, Kyrgyzstan and Russia were already represented at the participating nations.

So far, the championship has been held at the youth hostels in Münster and Bielefeld.

Workshops with top-class mathematicians round off the competition and the preparation for the two-hour mathematics marathon. Addition, division, root extraction and calendar calculation are among the categories.

Every year there is a varied entertainment and leisure programme to get to know each other better. A crime thriller tour á la Willsberg across Münster, a visit to the Dr. Oetker World or the Olderdissen Home Animal Park in Bielefeld, as well as a dinner together with a gameshow and puzzles, ensure variety and serve to get to know each other better.

For more information and to register, please visit the following homepage:

We congratulate all winners from the past years and thank all participants and organizers for the harmonious cooperation and a fair competition and the wonderful time we have together every year!