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Shaping the Future

Juli 2011, April 2013, Oktober 2016 / Münster, Bielefeld

Second advancement award ceremony

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Eva-Maria Mohn / Corinna Bergmann



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Second advancement award ceremony

The Andreas Mohn Foundation awards the Foundation's sponsorship prize to projects that demonstrate outstanding social commitment.

This was given in the amount of € 5,000.00 for the first and € 20,000.00 for the second and third awards.

On 28 July 2011, the Foundation awarded its first prize in the Europasaal of the Mövenpick Hotel in Münster to the members of the magazine "Klinke".

It is one of the oldest psychiatric newspapers in Germany and has been published once a year since 1977.  In recognition of the literary achievements of the editorial staff and the work of the Psycho-Soziales Zentrum of Münster, Andreas Mohn and Prof. Dr. Helmut Koch presented the prize to Michael Winkelkötter, who has been in charge of the newspaper for more than 20 years. 

On 18 April 2013, we awarded the second Foundation Sponsorship Prize to the online counselling service of the Mädchenhaus Bielefeld. The intercultural online consulting implements innovative and forward-looking ideas with socio-political relevance. In six languages, the girls' shelter meets girls and young women at eye level, communicates in their language and in their medium, the Internet. Multicultural and effective, the online consultation promotes the important work of the Mädchenhaus, which is of great importance as an institution for Bielefeld and beyond its borders. The director of the Girls' House, Mrs. Birgit Hoffmann, received the award for her team. 

The extraordinary commitment to the environment of Greenpeace e.V. and Alliance 90/The Greens was honoured by the foundation on 14 October 2016 with the foundation's third sponsorship award. Dr. Christian Bussau of Greenpeace and the chairman of the party Alliance90/TheGreens, Dr. Simone Peter, welcomed the award trophy designed by the artist Manfred Webel in the Europaaal of the Mövenpick Hotel. The prize money was divided equally.  The Greens passed this on to two environmental projects committed to nature and water protection: To the action alliance Elbe-Saale and the association Mellumrat. The Greenpeace activists used the prize money directly for their valuable work.