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Health and Social Welfare

Ab November 2020 / Bielefeld



Nicole Mahl

Nebile Alter-Morali


STABIEL - A school project to promote the mental health of students

Mental illness is a major challenge both for the individual and on a societal level. For affected young people and their environment, mental illness can become a heavy burden and mean long-term consequences for emotional, social and cognitive development and health. The effects are also felt in everyday school life.

In order to counteract the consequences of mental illness in individuals and in society and to provide help, 5 cooperation partners in Bielefeld have joined forces. This resulted in the STABIEL (Stigma-Abwehr-Bielefeld) school project.

The STABIEL teaching program consists of six modules in which students learn about mental illnesses as comparatively common and ordinary health conditions and the problems of social taboo and stigmatization of these illnesses are addressed. The project's approach goes beyond simply imparting knowledge: with the help of personal experience reports from people with mental illness, constructive ways of dealing with mental illness are discussed. This is intended to promote empathy and acceptance among the students and to reduce any fear of contact and prejudice that may exist. In addition, students talk about their own mental well-being and how to promote it, and are taught strategies for dealing positively with stress and stressful situations.

The STABIEL program originated in Canada and has been adapted to the conditions in Bielefeld. It can be carried out by school staff (teachers, school social workers, etc.). The staff members do not have to be experts in mental health and illness to implement the STABIEL program at school / in a class.

The project can be carried out weekly, in blocks or as part of project days. The program is primarily aimed at 8th-10th grade students, but can also be implemented with older grades. The project was accompanied by an evaluation study conducted by the University of Bielefeld.

Everything at a glance

  • STABIEL teaching program to promote mental health.
  • Target group: 8th - 10th grade (also possible for older grades).
  • Implementation by teachers or school social workers, etc.
  • 6 modules - 8 lessons; flexible time format: regular classes, project days, etc.
  • Materials are provided.
  • Free half-day training for implementing persons / teachers in advance.
  • In-school training or consultation can also be provided upon request.

STABIEL is a cooperative project of the Andreas Mohn Foundation, the University of Bielefeld - Faculty of Education, the Office for Integrated Social Planning and Prevention of the City of Bielefeld and the Office for Schools - the Regional School Counseling Center of the City of Bielefeld as well as the VPE - Verein Psychiatrie-Erfahrener Bielefeld e.V. (Association of People Experiencing Psychiatry).